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Awaken to Who You Are

This Message of Light from YshaYe came as a result of an oracle card spread I did asking for insight and guidance about some old unhealthy patterns and trauma that I was again dealing with, and how they were impacting my personal life and my work. While the answer is personal, the message is universal. Take what resonates, disregard what doesn't....

"You landed hard, daughter, in this fall into physical. You had forgotten what it meant to be human, to live in the time/space existence of duality, to inhabit flesh. It had been so long, and you knew what lay ahead of you, what midwifing of a new humanity was to be done, that you chose a 'crash' course in physical reality to quickly remind yourself of some of the pain that comes with being human, and to remember Compassion as quickly as possible. You could have, of course, chosen another path - one of bitterness and resentment, rage and revenge and regret (and yes, you have felt all of that at one time or another) - but you retained enough Truth to keep you moving 'forward' and 'up.'

Your sense of having lived 2 lives in 1 is more true than you can currently know, and more will be revealed as you are ready - your physical human life with its incumbent pain, trauma, loneliness, separation, etc, and that invisible yet indestructible thread of Truth which inspired your search for knowledge, understanding, healing, empathy, sharing, and enlightenment. These 2 parallel paths are moving closer together, as you have perceived, and will soon ('soon,' in terms of Spirit) converge. At that point, daughter, you will fully awaken to who you are, why you are here, what you chose to do. And you can feel how close that is - so close that you sometimes catch a glimpse of it. And the duality will dissolve, and you will recognize and share the joy, the abundance, the wholeness of All That Is.

So it will be. So it is."

Wisdom of the Oracle card deck, by Collette Baron-Reid

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