• Betz McKeown, YshaYe

Like Bees In a Hive....

I had a dream the other morning. I woke up from it twice and went right back to it both times, which to me indicates significance....

I was in a nondescript mall with a bunch of people - apparently all genders, but mostly women and a few men, and a beautiful mix of brown, black, and white folx, all dressed in businessy clothes. There was a woman in the midst, and although she looked like ‘anybody’ - short in stature, shoulder length brown hair, just lipstick and no other makeup, wearing a beige skirt suit - she stood out, although not in any obvious way, and she simply mingled with everybody.

At first I didn’t know what I was doing there, but I noticed everybody was milling around, chatting, joking, laughing - a generally pleasant environment. Then all of a sudden everybody went wild, jumping in the air, pumping fists, yelling, crying. And I heard that the woman I described had just won the presidency of the United States. (I’m crying as I write this, the emotion was so powerful.) I suddenly realized I was part of her team, and I fell to my knees crying and praying my gratitude. The feeling in this absolutely typical, middle-American mall was nothing but joy, gratitude, community, and love.

We celebrated our victory for only a moment, then it was time to get to work. The newly elected president didn’t close her small shop but instead put me in charge of it until closing time (and I put someone else in charge in my stead so I could go be with my team). We rolled up our sleeves and began the work of filling key positions, writing platforms that served ALL the people and action steps to begin to implement those platforms. We all knew what we were there to do, every task and worker identified, and we worked seamlessly in concert like bees in a hive, supporting our new female president.

There are other relevant pieces of the dream that have faded, but I captured the gist of it. My take on it ... like most dreams this is a metaphor for my life and my burgeoning sovereignty. But I also received a transmission that as a country, a society, a species, we have turned an energetic corner, and the sacred feminine has taken her place of sovereignty, not displacing the divine masculine but holding space for him to arise and join her.

It still looks messy and feels painful in the world, and it may for a while yet, because the physical moves slower than the energetic, and generally takes a bit to catch up. But the etheric template has been woven and is in place. Our job is to continue doing our lightwork by being the pillars of Light that we are, find joy where we can, express gratitude whenever we think to (and we can always find something to be grateful for), remember compassion (especially for those we may deem unworthy of compassion), and be a breathing embodiment of Love.

Each of us has our own place in this web: Some of us are on the front lines, using our warrior spirit for justice for all. Some of us are the recorders and historians, capturing and sharing the events of the world to remove the scales from all our eyes. Some of us are the healers, providing comfort and care for any and all who request it. Some of us are in circle with others, creating sacred magic for the transformation of Mama Gaia and all her inhabitants. Some of us are praying and meditating in our houses alone, expressing gratitude for the beauty that still remains and holding the intention of one unified world. Again, like bees in a hive, we each have our divine work to do, none more or less important than another, each piece contributing in equal measure to the sacred whole.

Keep on keeping on, dear ones. We were born for these times. This is why we are here. Take extremely good care of your sacred selves, reach out for support and inspiration and encouragement and help whenever you need to. Let’s hold tight to each other, because it may yet feel scary for a

bit. But don’t give up! Breathe. One step at a time. We got this.


​© 2020 by Betz McKeown


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