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YshaYe, Messenger of Light

Last year was for me a year of pilgrimages to the Sacred Feminine, including to Avalon in England and to various sites around the European side of the Mediterranean Sea. In October, I attended a retreat/training on Big Island, HI and received a healing that included a transmission and vision:

I was standing on a rocky coastline near where HI currently is, facing west and watching the sunset over an ice-calm sea, reflecting its pastel pinks, mauves, and golds. Off in the distance was the gray-purple silhouette of a mountain range. There is no mountain range immediately to the west of HI, but in my vision it was very real. I knew I was looking at the ancient mythical land of Lemuria.

As I stood there, deep in meditation, I heard a voice say, "YshaYe. You are YshaYe, High Priestess of the Goddess of Light." I knew that YshaYe was also the name of the Goddess, and the High Priestess took on the name in ritual and ceremony. High Priestess YshaYe was also a master healer, using light, color, sound, and all forms of energy and vibration, much as I do now.

This may have been a memory, or a dream, or simply a metaphor. Regardless, YshaYe apparently has much to say. I'll be sharing Her transmissions here as they come through. Blessings of Light to you.

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