Sacred Self Care Bundles

Sacred Self Care Bundles


These Sacred Self Care Bundles were dreamed into existence during the “Great Pause” of 2020. I had been using essential oils and healing crystals for decades, and as the transformation of my practice began to take shape in 2019, I was introduced to both the Sacred Anointing Oils created by my mentor Diana Dubrow, founder of the Emerald Temple and Scent Priestess trainings, and the powerful beaded jewelry created by Alison Sherwood of Deep Rooted Woman. My awakening and remembrance of working with these higher-frequency sacred oils and my love of the mala bracelets came together in a vision of a way my clients could energetically take care of themselves during the shelter-at-home orders of the COVID-19 pandemic. And they are now available to the general public.


A Sacred Self Care Bundle consists of:


1 - bottle of YshaYe Liquid Light Sacred Anointing Oil* (Value $47)


1 - mala bracelet** (Value $47)


1 - 20 minute distance YshaYe Temple of Light energy healing session*** (Value $47)


Total Value: $141

~​ Your Cost: $131 (plus s&h) ~

(Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery of oil blend & mala bracelet; energy session scheduled at your convenience.)


*Each bottle of YshaYe Liquid Light Sacred Anointing Oil, hand-blended by Betz McKeown, is a proprietary blend of highest quality, highest vibration essential oils in a base of pure jojoba oil. Each bottle is blessed and sanctified with prayer, healing energy, sacred sound vibration, gemstones and crystals, and consecrated with the intentions represented by the Sacred Self Care Bundle’s corresponding chakra.


**The mala bracelets are handcrafted by Alison Sherwood with healing crystals and gemstones, bathed under Mama Moon, charged with crystal singing bowls, and embedded with all sorts of magic to help align the wearer to the intentions of each specific Sacred Self Care Bundle.


***An YshaYe Temple of Light energy healing session with Betz, focusing on the intentions of the chakra associated with the designated Sacred Self Care Bundle.

Please consult your personal health care provider before making any health care decisions for yourself. I am not a licensed physician. I am not responsible for any effect, good or bad, that results from following any of the recommendations or information provided herein.

Sacred Self Care Bundles:

Click on the corresponding chakra symbol button next to each description for more information and to order.

C1 - Sanctuary Sacred Self Care Bundle

Properties: Groundedness, physical health, immune support, feelings of safety & belonging, comfort in challenging times, material security.

C2 - Creation Sacred Self Care Bundle**

Properties: Creativity & creation, sexuality, sensuality, desire, attraction, pleasure, union with nature & others, healthy intimate relationships, emotional fulfillment.

C3 - Empowerment Sacred Self Care Bundle

Properties: Enhanced energy & vitality, self-confidence, empowerment, inner strength, stamina, accomplishment, worthiness, personal will, motivation.

C4 - Devotion Sacred Self Care Bundle**

Properties: Unconditional love for self & others, compassion, open-heartedness, healing of heartache, forgiveness, gratitude, understanding, selflessness.

C5 - Expression Sacred Self Care Bundle**

Properties: Truth, creative expression, honesty, authentic voice, communication, confidence, freedom, inspiration, higher will.

C6 - Perception Sacred Self Care Bundle**

Properties: Intuition, clear perception, inner vision, insight, clairvoyance, physical sight, extrasensory perception, peace of mind, imagination, idealism.

C7 - Awareness Sacred Self Care Bundle**

Properties: Higher knowing, wisdom, divine purpose, understanding, bliss, perfection, divine will, sacred soul purpose, unity with Creation.

C8 - Illumination Sacred Self Care Bundle**

Properties: Enlightenment, karmic & past-life understanding, soul mastery, spiritual illumination, divine love.

** These Sacred Self Care Bundles are currently in pre-production. If you'd like to pre-order, you will receive an additional 10% off - only $117 per Bundle!

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