"If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration."

~Nikola Tesla

Love. Joy. Passion. Health. Vitality. Comfort. Balance. Freedom. Radiance. Wisdom. Play.

These are just a few of the divine essences we are each born with. But our life experiences have a way of diminishing them. We learn to hide all this innate wonder under layers and years and lifetimes of fear, anger, pain, trauma, judgement, depression, disease, etc.

But there are ways we can recover our authenticity. There are techniques, tools, and resources that we can employ to reclaim our best and highest selves.

I have over 35 years of education and training, and a lifetime of experience, in dozens of healing methods. It is my purpose to share what I have learned so that my clients may delve into the heart of their healing without the years of trial and error I lived. In invite you to learn from my experience.


Energy & Vibrational Healing

I've been doing Energy & Vibrational Healing for 35 years. I offer individual and group sessions remotely - you can receive this healing of your body/mind/heart/spirit from the comfort of your own home.

In-person Energy & Vibrational Healing sessions, incorporating YshaYe Liquid Light Sacred Oil Blends, are 60-75 minutes and cost $157, payable at time of service.

Your first Healing session is 1/2 price - $75.

Pre-payment plans and gift certificates are also available.

Please contact me directly to schedule in-person or individual virtual sessions: or (336) 817-1726

*Please note - all individual VIRTUAL Energy Healing sessions will be less than half-price ($65) during the current Shelter-At-Home orders.

Feminine Empowerment Coaching & Spiritual Guidance

My Feminine Empowerment Coaching and Divine Feminine Spiritual Guidance programs help to create balance in my client's life. When I talk about the Divine Feminine, I'm talking about the feminine aspect of energy that flows through everything at all times. Balancing the feminine and masculine energies in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies will bring increased health, satisfaction, happiness, abundance, etc. Please contact me directly if you're interested in Feminine Empowerment Coaching or Spiritual Guidance: or (336) 817-1726.

YshaYe Liquid Light Sacred Oil Blends & Anointings

YshaYe Liquid Light is my virtual temple for sacred oils. As a Scent Priestess, I work with the vibrational healing properties of sacred oils in my energy sessions and anointings, as well as offer oil blends and Self Care Bundles for sale. YshaYe is a name I received in a lucid dreaming state during an intense sacred oil training/retreat - I was told it was the name of the High Priestess of the Goddess of Light in Lemuria. As an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, I am following my calling and taking my ministry to the next mystical, divine feminine level of healing and leadership.

As mentioned above, incorporating Sacred Oil Blends into an Energy Healing session is $157.

An YshaYe Liquid Light Sacred Oil Anointing is for one who is experiencing a time of transformation or transition, or is ready to make big changes in their life. The Oils work on the deepest and most exalted levels of being, awakening innate energetic healing and creating a space for spiritual connection with the Divine. Anointings have been performed throughout history in most religions and cultures, honoring rites of passage, transition, and transformation - at the times of birth and death, when making major life transitions, or simply when wanting a deeper sacred connection with yourSelf or Creation. An anointing, done in a consecrated and sacred space, begins at the bottom of your feet and ends at the crown of your head, and takes 2-3 hours. The cost of your Sacred Oil Anointing is $257. Please contact me directly to schedule your anointing: or (336) 817-1726

Please consult your personal health care provider before making any health care decisions for yourself. I am not a licensed physician. I am not responsible for any effect, good or bad, that results from following any of the recommendations or information provided herein.

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