"All healing is first a healing of the heart."

~Carl Townsend

Your Invitation....

Hey Friend!

I invite you to join us for an hour of FREE* YshaYe Energy Healing. This Thursday, 7-8 pm ET, I'll be offering this VIRTUAL energy medicine session.

(I'm doing things just a little differently. Please read this entire message, then contact me if you have any questions.)

At 7:00 pm ET (4 pm PT) Thursday evening, SIMPLY MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE AT HOME, maybe light a candle and put on some soft instrumental music, lie down, relax, and be open to receive.

The only other thing you need do is hold the intention of your highest good and well-being. I will weave your energy into the session to assist your healing on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.


There is NO PHONE, NO COMPUTER, NO TECHNOLOGY, NO LOGGING IN involved. You don't need to respond - simply tune in!


*This event is FREE, and I am honored to offer this service from my heart! However, donations are gratefully accepted and appreciated. If you are called to offer a donation, I invite you to do so via:

Venmo: @Betz-McKeown



Much peace,


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