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C3 - Empowerment

Sacred Self Care Bundle

YshaYe Temple of Light

C3 - Empowerment Sacred Self Care Bundle


Empowerment noun.

  1. The granting of power to an individual, group, or self.

  2. The process of supporting one’s discovery and claim of personal power.

  3. The state of being empowered.


YshaYe Temple of Light™ C3 - Empowerment™ Sacred Self Care Bundle includes one each:

  • C3 – Empowerment Sacred Anointing Oil. Contains: A proprietary blend of the organic sacred oils of Chamomile, White Sage, Benzoin, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Fennel, Lemon, Oak Moss, Ginger, and Rosa Mystica™ (a blend of white rose otto, pink rosa centifolia, and red

       Bulgarian rosa damescena) in a jojoba oil base. Value: $49

Hand blended by: Betz McKeown, Temple Keeper, YshaYe Temple of Light

  • Solar Plexus Chakra Mala Bracelet. Amulet: Sun. Crystals: Calcite, Citrine, Sunstone. Value: $49

Handmade by: Alison Sherwood, Deep Rooted Woman

  • 20 minute Distance C3 – Empowerment™ Energy Healing Session. Value: $49


Total Value: $141 (plus $10 shipping & handling)

~​ Until the end of June 2020: $131 (plus $10 shipping & handling) ~


YshaYe Temple of Light™ C3 - Empowerment™ Self Care Bundle Is Embedded With these Intentions:

To support enhanced energy and vitality. To enhance an innate sense of joy and radiance. To awaken a feeling of self-empowerment and inner strength. To promote acceptance of self and the will to present your authentic self. To encourage forward movement and a sense of accomplishment. To help heal feelings of unworthiness.

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