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I can’t say enough about what a fun, possibility-stretching, and healing experience Betz’s “Untame Your Desires” course was.  As a life-long learner, personal growth junkie and seeker of wisdom and truth, I was open and hopeful this course would be fun and maybe I would learn something about myself. I did have fun and did learn about myself—but it was so much more. Betz emanates love—for life and for helping people heal so they can put their gifts out into the world. She draws on years of study in spiritual wisdom and practice, energetic healing and coaching like a master chef who knows just the key spice, ingredient or cooking method that will create the perfect meal.

Each week I was invited to share my process with whatever topics we had discussed the week before and any new discoveries or concerns. After the sessions, I felt energized and buoyant, supported, and many times equipped with a new tool or reframe for handling a situation or prompt for exploring my essential nature. One of the exercises early in the course required I look at my reflection in a mirror and slowly repeat “I love you” fifty times. I found this so difficult to do with any sincerity. My head was full of snarky, critical comments interrupting any feelings of love or gratitude that might be trying to come through. Now thoughts of self-love and gratitude for all that I am happen naturally and spontaneously throughout my day. My a-ha is that even though I may still have trouble taking big action steps in the direction of my deepest desires, I have and can take small ones, and over time they are helping my entire being shift into the person who naturally goes about getting what she wants.

Jeanne B


I've had the pleasure of working with Betz as she helped guide me through the maze of what's really good for me to eat. I was able to lose weight under her direction and learned to make better decisions about what my body needs for its best performance. I appreciate the research-based information Betz shared with me to back up what she was advising me to do. In addition, I received a Healing Touch session from Betz, and my knee, which had been causing me much discomfort for a year, is feeling the best it has felt in a long, long, time. Thank you for sharing Your Radiant Life with me, Betz!

Gail Williams, Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist

North Carolina

When I started the retreat with Betz my life was a mess.  Due to deaths of loved ones and family illnesses, the weight on my shoulders and pain in my heart were tremendous.  My entire life I carried a responsibility for tending to and caring for the needs of those I love.  The pressure had become too much.  I wasn’t eating and got down to a very unhealthy weight, looking sick and definitely feeling sick.  I was on prescription medication for anxiety that was helping with panic attacks but had numbed my affect; I was despondent. I was in pain and had no idea how to elicit change in my life. 


Then I met Betz and was introduced to her program.  Between her practical insights, gentle yet direct coaching style and invaluable Healing Touch, life as I know it was transformed.  After my first remote Healing Touch session, I noticed that revelations about my current condition and avenues for stimulating change in my life not only were apparent to me but seemed like the only natural path for me to take.  I’ve been amazed at how different my body and mind feel!  The weights of feeling responsible for everyone but myself began to fall off.  The troubles in my life are still present but I’m now able to view them from a vantage point that allows me to be present yet not engrossed.  I found her comprehensive plan and methods to be far-reaching yet seemingly easy to attain given the atmosphere of compassion she carries with her. 


Prior to working with Betz I lived in a place of pressure.  Pressure to be more, do more, change more, carry more.  But after experiencing Betz’ style of grace and ease, I’ve learned to not beat myself up and allow myself to be where I am.  In this, I’m now able to accomplish my life goals and maintain a healthy view of myself and my purpose in the world.


The insights I had about myself during this process were beyond my highest hopes.  And I had seriously high hopes!  The program quite literally changed my life!  Betz cultivated a space for me to step back, breathe and take in change while gaining life skills I will carry with me forever.  I cannot say enough good things about Betz, the safe space she offers, the extraordinary perceptive abilities she houses and the wisdom she embodies.  Her heart is ever present and her mind is sharp.  Never once did I feel uncomfortably vulnerable; as with Betz, it’s safe to be oneself without fear of judgment.   


I would recommend Betz’ program and expertise to anyone desiring change, freedom in their emotions and bodies and more clarity in their life endeavors.  This program is one that could be taken over and over again as it’s multi-faceted and is tailored to suit one’s current needs.  I just love Betz and I’m so grateful for our paths connecting!

LK Logan


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I can't recommend Betz's 30 day virtual retreat enough!  Every piece in the program worked with everything else to create a wonderfully fulfilling, transforming experience.  The nutritional advice laid a foundation of energy that became a starting point for learning self-care and the ability to look beyond my perceived limitations.  Betz was kind, professional, focused and a driving force towards change.  Her coaching sessions helped me create a personal vision and her energy healing helped me stay centered while I learned to explore all the wonder that is our Universe.  I feel I have just taken a baby step towards my destiny.  I have incorporated the nutritional advice into my everyday life & will never go back to my previous eating habits.  And when I find my path getting a bit cluttered & confused, I will definitely be back for more coaching!

Marce Bruhn


I decided to see Betz for coaching because I felt my nutrition habits were negatively impacting me physically and mentally. I needed structure and new ideas that would bring new life to a boring and often non-existent eating schedule and menu.


Betz was able to help me work toward my goals by introducing new menu items and easy ways to incorporate healthy snacking. She also helped me to relax and focus through meditation. I had not realized how uptight and therefore unfocused on my body I had become. Just finding time to focus on me for a few minutes makes a difference in my day.


My biggest breakthrough from our sessions together has been. I know what foods to avoid, I can see what happens to my body when I re-introduce certain foods, and I can really tell a difference in my outlook and ability to problem solve on those days I take time to do a 20 minute meditation.


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my sense of taste – what I find enjoyable – has dramatically changed. For the first time ever in my life, I drank a glass of whole milk (a one-time favorite of mine) and did not really enjoy the taste of it. I also experienced negative effects of gas and bloating afterwards. I had no idea dairy could do this to me. Also, by reducing my glutens, I’ve noticed a difference in my skin, with some moderate improvement to my psoriasis.


I would describe Betz as super caring and attentive. She was an excellent listener, quite the therapist really. And she had some really helpful suggestions based on what she heard from me, and I feel my overall diet is continuing to become a healthier one thanks to her expertise.


I’m also better off for going through the sessions with you, so I am very grateful to you. Although I have a long ways to go (don’t we all though) I feel better about myself and my body today than I did 6 months ago. Very cool…

Teresa Drummond

North Carolina

I decided to see Betz for coaching because I wanted a customized, personal experience focused on attaining my own personal objectives, to develop sustainable change in my personal habits, be they dietary or behavioral.


Betz was able to help me work toward my goals by supporting me in the development of a new mindset regarding food, recognizing my specific mood-food triggers, and examining how I might do things differently to achieve a better level of daily living. She embraces a definition of “health” as not simply the absence of disease, but a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.”  For an American, this can be quite a challenge, requiring the consideration of nearly every aspect of one’s life to create synergy and achieve one’s best possible form.  On the other hand, I, the client, determined what area(s) of my life would be addressed in order to facilitate change. That’s the beauty of working with Betz.  My goals encompassed a number of areas in my life; however, if one only wanted to lose weight by eating “right,” for instance, Betz’s advice and direction would concentrate on that.  


My biggest breakthrough from our sessions together has been mindfulness about what I consume, which has positively affected my dietary habits. I haven’t become a vegetarian, but I’m eating many more vegetables on a daily basis. This has probably been the single most important change I’ve made. I regularly try new main course and side dish recipes - some from Betz, others I’ve found on my own - that emphasize delicious, meatless options (a lot of legumes, some seeds such as quinoa, and alternative grains, such as bulgur, without a huge emphasis on adding cheese.) Eating this way, I make (and break) my own rules. I allow myself pasta one night a week.


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been weight loss and almost total elimination of acid reflux. I enjoy cooking and have been surprised at how my research into meatless recipes has resulted in outrageously good meals.


I would describe Betz as highly knowledgeable, proactively encouraging and positively focused. She is nonjudgmental and flexible (it’s my agenda, not hers, and I’m allowed to change my mind!). In addition to being an excellent listener, she is highly intuitive and has wonderful communication skills. Betz’s best quality might be that she is a creative thinker, always looking for the best, most appropriate solutions to fit my individual concerns and problems. She is gentle mannered, yet energetic, and definitely VERY radiant! Every coaching session ended with my feeling that my goals weren’t merely aspirational, but achievable.


Betz does not use ‘out of the box’ solutions nor suggest boilerplate protocols. Every step of the way, I received guidance and feedback that was designed for me alone. The development of a completely personal, customized “plan of action” meant that I made changes more quickly and probably more easily…because they addressed only my own challenges, goals and lifestyle. I’m convinced that is a main reason that more than six months later, these solutions have taken root permanently in my daily life. Even when I backslide (and I do), I have experienced enough positive changes in my physical health and overall well being that it requires no effort to get back to how I want to eat and live. Although our formal coaching contract is over, I am assured that Betz is available for a “tune-up” or even a “reboot”, whenever I need one.

Wendy Wilson, Writer

North Carolina

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Having worked with Betz for over a year now, I can truly attest my health life have improved significantly overall. Not only does she offer healthy nutritional guidance, but also healing touch and a confidant to bounce ideas and life decisions off of. I'm grateful for her shared knowledge and spirit. Working with her has enhanced my life.

C Collier

North Carolina

I am loving Betz’ Weight-LESS™ 30 Day Detox! Almost 2 weeks in, and I’m doing great - lots of energy, never any bloating or indigestion, sleeping well, just feeling light all over. The recipes are really good and have a lot of variety - the food is yummy and I’m enjoying playing with the ingredients. I’m excited for how this is going to change my health and life for the better!

Nancy M

North Carolina

Loved the results of this detox! The puffiness was gone after the second day which was a huge affirmation from my body that I was doing the right thing.  Betz made the program super easy to follow and best of all kept me inspired and encouraged!! I lost weight and was able to make long term food choice changes ... It was just the kick start I needed!

Thank you for all your support ... I am feeling great and light just like you said ... My ice cream thighs are looking and feeling thinner ... Not getting on the scales but my clothes are already looser due to less bloatation in belly .... LOVING IT !!!

Marta Fakhoury

North Carolina

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I recently did this 30 day detox with Betz. What a great way to jumpstart your body toward life-long healthier living. She 'holds your hand' all the way with phone calls, online support and great tasting easy recipes. You'll be amazed how quickly your body responds to eating real food and adding even just a little more intentional movement. Even if you don't need to lose weight, you will feel so much better by getting those unhealthy toxins out of your system and fueling up with foods that improve rather than impede your health.

Going into the detox I was skeptical of changing my complacent attitude and half-hearted efforts towards creating a healthier me.  Betz, with your simple program of small changes on my part and your enthusiastic encouragement I quickly began to see and feel the difference in myself. The recipes are simple, easy and delicious. I now eat and move with intention, making better choices toward being the best I can be. I feel so much better! Thank you!

Sara McCollum

North Carolina

I did Betz’ “A Sensational You – The Summer Detox Program” in June 2014. The pre-detox regime really worked, even before the program itself began ... I felt yucky after a malt from Sonic that sounded so good. Here's to cleaner living! Next time I will treat myself to a yogurt smoothie!


My early thoughts on coconut products were ... coconut oil = 2 thumbs up!!! Coconut water = OMG, how can something that sounds so refreshing taste that horrible?! Will use it in smoothies but can't drink it straight.


I survived the first weekend of the detox with good eating. I went to a graduation party (no cake, no chips, no beer - just a small grilled burger topped w/homemade salsa) followed by a night out ... again, no alcohol, just ice water. And I also celebrated being smoke-free for a week at that point!


I was feeling so good – I decided to keep up the smoothies and salad routine for sure after the rest of the transition week.


I really loved Betz’ suggestion about the 80/20 guideline – eating clean and healthy 80% of the time, and not so healthy 20% of the time. That's what I intend to do. Eat very clean Sunday-Thursday and allow myself to splurge on the weekends. J


I definitely feel better eating healthy. Thanks for the jump start back to taking care of me!

J Fox


The detox worked very well for me. I have adopted the diet and have given up grain and dairy, which I don't miss at all. I do and will continue with the lemon drink every morning. I lost the 7 intended pounds plus another the week after detox. My body has come back. Very grateful for the whole program. Thank YOU! It proves that making healthy food choices can even give a menopausal woman a waistline. :-)

Rachelle L, Artist


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I would like to give a very special testimony to Betz McKeown for her very therapeutic, relaxing, stress relieving, pain relieving healing touch! I have been suffering from intense low back pain for a month, and now it's almost completely gone just after two sessions with Betz. I highly recommend her services as she is amazing and I feel like I'm floating on clouds after each session. If you haven't experienced healing touch now is your time to try it! I promise you will feel like a brand new person with copious amounts of energy to take on each day.

Jamie East, Licensed Esthetician & Massage Therapist

North Carolina

Healing Touch is a gentle and powerful form of energy healing that has helped me to become more balanced, reduce stress/pain and increase my overall sense of well-being. Betz McKeown is a practitioner of this modality within her approach to overall transformation and wellness. She brings sensitivity, presence and compassion to the healing sessions.

Betz's healing touch sessions are powerful, relaxation and get the energy flowing again! She is very kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and intuitive. Highly recommend her for healing touch and for her nutritional counseling.

Olivia Woodford, Storyteller & Theatre Artist

North Carolina

Betz, I'm not sure what you did the other night but I feel really good. I mean like DIFFERENT. Much lighter and clearer and truly desiring to make good decisions for myself. And it's a whole whole lot easier to do. My thoughts are even clearer and more on point with my true desires. About mid-way through I noticed that I was really hungry. At first it didn't cross my mind that it had to do with the energy work. But I'm never hungry after I eat. So this is a great feeling!


Yesterday I made decisions to do what was best for me and it was as if those blocks or whatever they were just weren't there anymore. I was able to simply state my need and go do it. I then journaled and noticed that a lot of other things had changed within myself as well.

Stress (6 before the session) and worry (9 before the session) levels are about a 2 which is fantastic!  Even when my ‘stress’ is down worry is a 24/7 mainstay. So it feels nice to have that lifted. :)

LK Logan


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(Immediately post-session) "I don't know how you did it, but the pain in my arthritic big toe is gone.  ZERO. (from a pre-session pain score of 8)"


(3 days post-session) "My toe still has no pain, and my elbow is still improving. But more importantly, I feel calmer, more clear-headed, more centered. It’s very hard to describe, but it’s very very good!

Marce Bruhn


It is with great pleasure I recommend Betz to you for her technical skills but more so for the amazing quality of person that she is.

It is Betz's open heart, intuition, and remarkable ability to connect with others that makes her excellent at what she does. I would tell you Betz is a born healer and that the tender, clear presence of her caring for an individual creates an atmosphere in which an someone can discover the fullness of their well being.

If you are so fortunate to know of Betz and her work, I encourage you to appreciate your inner guidance in finding her and to, without hesitation, take the opportunity that lies before you.

Tyler Kaveen Hutchison, Therapist & Mind Mechanic

North Carolina

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